Chevelle Caterers – A little about our History

Chevelle Caterers creates one of a kind events designed to reflect your individual style with warmth and professionalism. Our approach to catering ensures perfectly prepared menus that utilize the freshest of ingredients. We look forward to creating an event to remember.

Established in 2001
We have worked in the Special Event & Wedding Industry for over 25 years creating unique and one of a kind events. We love to cook and bring smiles to all our clients and their guests. We specialize in off premise catering, BBQ, picnics, wedding and social or private event were you need us. We also do full scale event planning and event design for any type of event. We have in house Cappuccino Service, Coffee Service, Chocolate Fountains, Event Lighting, Audio Visual, Crepe Service and this is just to name a few things that we can do for you.

Native New Yorker Scott Reade Mauritzen got an early start in the culinary arts when, at the tender age of 15, Scott was hired as a waiter at a catering company, where he learned to tend bar and man the salad station before moving on to more critical skills. The work inspired him to enroll at the New York Restaurant School, where he graduated at the top of his class and supported himself working as sous chef at a local restaurant in 1981. Formal culinary training
has always been a priority for Scott, who went on to take classes at the acclaimed Culinary Institute of America.

Scott organizes the food, décor, lighting, music, entertainment, photography and videography for everything from intimate events for a handful of friends to major holiday parties. Scott is currently in the process of getting certified as an Executive Chef through the American Culinary Federation in Los Angeles

Please feel free to contact me about your next event. We look forward to serving you!

Why Espresso is Beneficial to Your Health

When some of us think of espresso, we imagine having the shakes and feeling as if we are soaring with the clouds. But did you know a little caffeine is actually beneficial to your health? Yes, it true, so dig out the espresso machine you put away back when they said caffeine was bad, bad, bad. We can drink our coffee and feel good about it afterwards.

In actuality, drinking between 5-6 cups of coffee a day cut the chances of men suffering from Type 2 Diabetes by 54% and cut the chances of women suffering from the same by 30%, according to data analyzed by Harvard researchers. When you think of the number of people in this world dealing with this illness, those percentages are phenomenally large. Drinking coffee should be mandatory with data like that!

The Scottish Heart Healthy group has carried out studies that show that men and women between the ages of 40 and 59 who drink large quantities of coffee were more likely to lower their chances of dying from heart disease.

And if the above mentioned benefits aren’t enough to make you a believer, add the fact that taking part in this age old addiction has even been shown to lower the risk of suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. So let’s fill our cups to the rim and save the world one pot at a time.

With all of the above mentioned benefits, combined with the wonderful rush of anti-oxidants your coffee provides, you simply can’t go wrong. It’s time for the world to get percolating!

You will not benefit the same from decaf, the coffee must contain caffeine to be effective. However, you will benefit the same whether you slurp down a regular coffee or something a little sweeter, like a cappuccino. So not only do you no longer need to hold out on the espresso you’ve always craved, but you can stick with whatever your taste buds desire.

Being an avid coffee follower for most of my life, I must say I’m thoroughly overjoyed to make the most of what my coffee can do for me and my body. Aides like this make growing older a little less scary for someone like me, who can’t seem to stick to the treadmill when I really need it. Imagine now being able to say, ‘I didn’t make it to the gym this morning, but that’s okay. I’ll just have a pot of coffee.’ Shall we meet at the cafe?

Why is Chocolate a Gendered Food?

Any exclamations about “craving chocolate,” we most often associate with the words of women, not men. Over the years, chocolate has become a “gendered” food, and by this I mean that it is a food most often associated with a certain gender; female, in this case. This gendering of chocolate is seen now more than ever in American media, as you rarely see a commercial for Dove or Lindt Truffles that stars a herd of burley men wolfing down pieces of candy. These ads usually feature beautiful modelesque women with delicate features, who daintily eat these small chocolate treats, making sure to savor every bite along the way.

So why is it that we automatically make this association with chocolate and women. Could it be merely an arbitrary decision of those Mad Men from large advertising firms, who one day decided that chocolate would be the food for ladies everywhere? Is this gendering purely a result of a decision of the media, or are there other factors in play?

According to sensory psychologist Marcia Pelchat, who specializes in food and beverage selection at the Monell Chemical Senses Center, this gendering may be influenced by our genes. According to her research, women are genetically predisposed to prefer sweeter tastes, and have more sensitivity to bitterness. So the reasoning behind targeting women in commercials for chocolate products may have more logic behind it than we thought. If women have a natural inclination toward sweeter things, it’s no wonder that ad agencies typically showcase women in ads for everything from chocolate candies to brownies, to ice cream.

The interplay of this female genetic disposition and cultural influence work to continually reinforce the idea that chocolate is a feminine food. In some ways, the feminization of chocolate makes it particularly attractive because it has a delicate, and often seductive quality. However, I do think it cuts out some opportunity for men to truly enjoy chocolate without feeling emasculated. I, for one, encourage any man who has a sweet tooth to embrace his sugary preferences, and voice his chocolate cravings with pride. Chocolate is for the whole lot of us. Let’s savor its deliciousness together.

What to ask before booking a photo booth

Having a photo booth at weddings and other special events have grown in popularity and so does the amount of photo booth companies entering the market. For the consumer this is bad and good, you have a larger selection of services and price range but also means there are a lot more non-reputable companies entering the market. For instance a lot of DJ’s are now offering photo booth rentals at discounted prices if you book their DJ services. What happens when the photo booth goes down or paper needs to be changed, can they just walk away from playing music to fix the photo booth? How much experience do they have with photography equipment?

Wow, when I do an internet search for a photo booth company hundreds of them show up, how do I choose the right company? Well, to start off, cheaper is not always better, you want a vendor that will provide a quality product with a reasonable price. After reviewing their websites you should narrow it down to 2-4 companies that serve your area and contact them through email or by telephone. Do they answer the phone when you call? How quickly do they respond to your message? That simply can tell you how good their customer service is.

Once you have contacted your company of choice here are some questions that should be asked.

1. How long have they been in business? You want to choose a company that has been in business for a few years, who has a good track record and has done several events. You want to make sure they will be in business when your event day arrives.

2. Do they have references? A reputable company should be able to provide you with a list of past clients and what their past clients have to say about them. past client reviews

3. Are they Licensed and Insured? Most establishments and venues require vendors to carry insurance.

4. Is there a contract? Will you receive a written contract that states both parties responsiblities?

5. What kind of equipment do they use? Do they use high quality professional grade equipment? Touch screen interface for ease of operation. Do they supply a slide show monitor for guests to view photos during the event? Stay away from
companies that use inkjet printers and webcams.

6. Do they have a back-up plan incase of equipment malfunction? Will there be an attendant or photo booth technician to maintenance the photo booth if something goes wrong. Do they have back-up equipment?

7. What types of packages do they offer and what is included? Do they have a detailed list what is included in their packages, prop box, online gallery, memory book and how many prints will be printed. A lot of companies only print 2 photo strips and 1 will go into the memory book, make sure they will print a photo strip for everyone in the photo. Are there any hidden fees or travel fees?

8. What does their photo booth look like? You just spent thousands of dollars on a beautiful venue, you don’t want something that is going to be an eye sore to your guests. Is the printer out of sight or is set on a table?

9. Do they provide early setup? Your photo booth service may not start intill after dinner, do they setup early so there are no interruptions or do they setup during your dinner? Is your ceremony at the same venue and if so, do you have a photo booth during your cocktail hour? You do not want your ceremony interrupted from someone setting up a photo booth. Do they charge extra for early setup? As stated above, the cheapest price may not be the best deal. Now that you have gathered important facts and information about a few companies, you should now be able to choose which company is best for your Wedding or Special Event.

Choosing the right Uplight Color to Match Your Event

The trend for the last several years is that most brides go with is amber or a soft pink for most weddings. These colors are always a great choice if you are not sure. They look great in photos and on skin tones. They also blend well with most environments just about any color scheme.

When Kathy Johnston came into our office with her planner Suzanna Marini from Avalon Event Production, she knew she wanted color, but which color exactly she was not sure. Her colors were Hot Pink and Cobalt Blue and we suggest that we tone done the colors because it would overwelm the look of the room.

My suggested to her was to use LED’s which would use less power and would take less time to setup for the event.. Their guests arrived to the to a reception hall with a Cobalt Blue light during the cocotail hour and during each course we would change the color to go with the meal. As the night went on, we changed the entire room to a Hot Pink for the final hour. Kathy & Steven reception is a perfect example of how LED’s can help create multitude of different looks throughout the event!