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about-us-highlightScott Reade Mauritzen
Executive Chef & Event Designer

With the ambitious dreams of becoming a head chef parading around in his head from the time he was a teenager, Native New Yorker Scott Reade Mauritzen anticipated the joys of creating delectable food before he had even graduated from high school. He got an early start in the culinary art when, at the tender age of 15, Scott was hired as a waiter at a catering company. Here he learned to tend bar and man the salad station before moving on to more critical skills. The work inspired him to enroll at the New York Restaurant School, where he graduated at the top of his class and supported himself working as sous chef at a local restaurant.

hotel-img-smallAfter graduation from culinary school, Scott got a taste of glamour when Mortimer’s, the famous New York celebrity hangout, hired him. Here he worked as Chef Tournat for two years, assuming essentially the same responsibilities as the Sous Chef. He then moved to the Ram’s Head Inn in ritzy Southampton, where he developed a keen eye for quality seafood and mastered the skills required in the preparation of a diverse array of fish and shellfish.

Scott was subsequently lured to the sunny beaches of southern California, as he was recruited by the popular L.A.-based Daily Grill chain to man the kitchen at their bustling Newport Beach location. A great opportunity, it gave him the insight of running a major corporate operation, turning out 400-500 covers per evening with a staff of thirty people, all working in an exhibition kitchen. He then moved to chic Aspen, Colorado to accept an appointment of executive chef at the famed Mezzaluna. There he oversaw an incredibly successful operation: 400 covers for lunch, 700 dinners per night all in a 125-seat restaurant! Both of these jobs gave Scott the confidence and the know-how to run his own operation.

mezzulana-chic-aspenSoon after, while in Aspen, Scott founded his own catering business, accommodating private aircraft owned by major entertainment studios and celebrities for several years. Then an entertainment industry connection paid off, as he eventually moved to Los Angeles in the 1990’s to work as a location chef on the sets of major motion pictures, sometimes serving 500 people in just over thirty minutes! It was that ability to manage a potentially chaotic situation with style and finesse that prepared Scott well for the hectic event planning business.

As President of Chevelle Events & Catering, Scott loves to create unique event experiences for all of his clients. He organizes the food, décor, lighting, music, entertainment, photography and videography for everything from intimate events for a handful of friends to major holiday parties, bar mitzvahs, elaborate weddings, corporate grand openings and publicity events, political fundraisers, and virtually every occasion at which food and entertainment is provided. With his many years of experience and his eagerness to make each event he produces a beautiful success, Scott always brings a unique and fun aspect to every event he plans. Scott is currently in the process of getting certified as an Executive Chef through the American Culinary Federation in Los Angeles.