Customized Caramel & Savory Apples

Divine Combination of Molten Rich Caramel
Caramel Apple Station

The divine combination of molten rich caramel and savory apples can now grace your upcoming event with Chevelle Caterers caramel apple station. These irresistible treats will “WOW” your guests and will become one-of-a-kind station, which will make your celebration unique and memorable.

Our professional event staff will assist your attendees while they build their own caramel apple masterpiece with our fresh toppings like sprinkles, chocolates, marshmallows, and much more. Our executive chefs will create a perfect caramel-lover delight, which will become the focal point of your upcoming event.

This sweet and savory food station will be a perfect addition to your events like birthdays, tenant appreciation day, network events, wedding receptions, or a casual get-together. These are fun and can be your wrap them up to take home gifts, to give your guests sweet happiness at the celebration and afterwards.

Chevelle Caterers caramel apple station is popular for being an interactive dipping bar that is adored by kids and adults alike. The customization and the fresh ingredients of our caramel apple stand will become a favorite of your health-conscious guests, and a great dessert station.

Contact us today and we will provide the best caramel apple eating experience to your guests.