Choosing the right Uplight Color to Match Your Event

The trend for the last several years is that most brides go with is amber or a soft pink for most weddings. These colors are always a great choice if you are not sure. They look great in photos and on skin tones. They also blend well with most environments just about any color scheme.

When Kathy Johnston came into our office with her planner Suzanna Marini from Avalon Event Production, she knew she wanted color, but which color exactly she was not sure. Her colors were Hot Pink and Cobalt Blue and we suggest that we tone done the colors because it would overwelm the look of the room.

My suggested to her was to use LED’s which would use less power and would take less time to setup for the event.. Their guests arrived to the to a reception hall with a Cobalt Blue light during the cocotail hour and during each course we would change the color to go with the meal. As the night went on, we changed the entire room to a Hot Pink for the final hour. Kathy & Steven reception is a perfect example of how LED’s can help create multitude of different looks throughout the event!

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