A Delicious Crepe Food Station

A Source of Entertainment at Event
Crepe Station

Chevelle Caterers crepe service is best known for its exquisite flavors and mesmerizing aroma at events like corporate events, wedding receptions, and staff appreciation day, where a classy ambiance is a requisite.

Crepes are famous for their sweet taste and are a great dessert or main food station option. We offer a delicious range of toppings like molten chocolate, fresh cut fruits, whipped cream, powdered sugar, and other appetizing treats, to add that extra relish to this fabulous food.

Apart from being a great savory delight, our crepe food station will also become a source of entertainment at your event. Our executive chefs will prepare your guests to favorite pancake treats in front of them, to stir the excitement among the crowd.

Our pancakes are made of multiple delicious batters like Red Velvet, Chocolate, Buckwheat, and the Traditional mix. We also create customized recipes on request of at least two weeks before the event.

Our crepe services also include Sweet, Dessert, Savory, Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner. Whether you’re hosting a casual event or a big one, we are all prepared to cater at your celebration with utmost enthusiasm.

Contact us today to book our delicious crepe food station to grace your occasion with a classic French treat.