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Event Lighting

Chevelle lighting is your one-stop-shop for all your lighting, sound, and special effects need for your upcoming event. The ambiance sets every party's tempo, and it highly depends on the light of the surroundings. If you want your guests to enjoy at your event and unwind from their everyday hectic lifestyle, lighting is the key to making them feel welcomed and relaxed.

Event lighting is a simple way to transform the whole appeal of the venue and add a personalized touch to the environment. Our team of motivated and enthusiastic members has years of experience with Professional lighting, and we use the latest technology to convert your event into a visual masterpiece.

Whether you want to throw a jazz party with exciting dance floor lights, or want to add Monogram / Gobo projection, we will so the research for you and will add creative ways to renovate your event into a spectacular one!

We specialize in event lighting of occasions like wedding and other special events and promise to bring your dream party into the reality. We will star your event with the coolest lights and will make your celebration the one to be remembered for years to come!

Contact us today and we will send our best team of lighting experts to star your venues with dazzling colors.