Right Texture & Color Combinations

Fabric decor plays a major role in setting the right mood at an event. It can add a soft, elegant touch, or even become a main source of color and texture. When it is combined with the right lighting and other elements of decor, the design comes together to create a look that is stunning. Fabric draping is not only used to create a coherent aesthetic, but can also hide unsightly walls to create a beautiful backdrop. Using different drapery for head tables can create a sense of hierarchy and order to the look of a large party, and create a focal point around the hosts or guests of honor. Fabric draping is one of the most effective ways to transform an interior space for an event.

We will work with you to choose from numerous fabrics of different colors, prints, and textures, in order to provide you with décor that you find beautiful, and that matches the feel of your event. We’ll add elegance and drama to any venue, and create an exceptional look for your upcoming event!