Answers for Your Questions

The Menu

Our menus are completely customizable, and we make any and every type of food. We are dedicated to bringing you gourmet cuisine, always freshly prepared. We have so many menu options that what our clients want ultimately becomes a matter of personal preference.

This is definitely a possibility. Feel free to ask us about your particular recipe and we will do our best to include it in the menu options.

Yes, there is an additional charge. We can discuss your different options.

We do not provide wedding cakes, but we can suggest some wonderful businesses that make beautiful wedding cakes. However, we would be happy to cut and serve your wedding cake for no additional charge.

This depends on which menu items you choose. For some items, the food is prepared beforehand in our kitchen and then transported to the event. However, some menu items are cooked on site and are made to order.

Of course! First, your menu needs to be approved, and then we can set up a tasting of your delicious menu items.


The cost per person differs depending on factors such as menu selection and serving type (plated, buffet, etc.). We offer many varying menu items and serving styles in order to provide you with a fantastic menu that works within your budget.

Yes, you will receive a breakdown of charges by category, separating the costs of food, rentals, alcohol, décor, etc.

Yes. The sit down dinner requires more staff, and therefore is more costly than a buffet style dinner.

Most of the time, there are no additional charges, such as, set up and clean up, service charges or automatic gratuity. However, there may be certain instances where an out of area fee or delivery fee is warranted. However, you will be informed of this charge on our breakdown of the charges.

Yes, we require a 50% deposit upon confirmation of your contract, and the full balance is due three days prior to your wedding. If there are any additional charges accrued the day of the event, you will be billed subsequently.

We take cash, check, or credit cards Bar & Beverage Service

The cost of non-alcoholic beverages is included in your total food costs.

Rentals & Venue

Yes, we can organize the rental of any serving or décor items.

We offer an array of colors and styles to choose from for your wedding.

If we have not worked at your particular venue before, we will be sure to do a walk through of the venue beforehand and provide documentation that the location requests.

Service & Staff

An event specialist that has worked with you from the start of the planning process will be there on your special day to make sure all of the details are handled properly.

If the event runs over, the hourly rate for labor is the same, and you will be billed afterward.

Chefs wear black pants and a Chef’s coat and black apron. Bartenders and servers wear black pants, a black tie, a black long sleeve shirt, and a black bistro apron. All of our staff also wear big smiles.

This depends on the menu, service type, number for courses, and number of guests per table. We will be sure to discuss the appropriate number of staff for your event when meeting with you.

It depends on the request. We will do our best to accommodate you in any way possible!

The Wedding Day

Typically, we do not coordinate features of the wedding such as the bouquet toss, or the first dance. We try to focus mainly on aspects of the event concerned with food and beverage service. We are happy to provide cake cutting and serving, and serve champagne for toasts.

This depends again on the particular factors of the event. The serving style, type of food, and amount of guest define the amount of time required for set up and clean up.

We offer leftover food first to the client. After that, if a decent amount is left, we try to donate the rest to homeless shelters.

About Us

Over the past 30 years, we have had the pleasure of catering a vast array of beautiful weddings, ranging from very large to very small, with varying styles and levels of formality. We take pride in making sure that every time we cater an event, our cuisine and service are exceptional, and contribute to what is likely the happiest day in a couple’s life.