Healthy & Tasty French Toast

Add Elegance & Class to Any Occasion
French Toast Station

French toasts are a healthy and tasty breakfast food that is enjoyed across millions of American homes, every day. These delicacies are made crisp in a pan with melted butter, for that perfect golden brown texture.

To add more flavors to our French toast station, we offer a wide range of toppings like whipped cream, fresh fruits, chocolate sauce, jam, and other tasty items.

Our French toasts are thick cut and Texas style, made by our executive chefs and we also serve other specialty French toasts like Banana Berry and Stuffed French Toast. Every ingredient is checked for freshness and only added in perfect ratios, to give your guests the ideal French toast eating experience at your event.

This station will add elegance and class to any occasion and is perfect for events like weddings, baby showers, appreciation days, corporate events, and even birthdays.

Our event staff will cater to every need of your guests around our French toast station, and the aroma of egg-dipped bread on the pan will fill your atmosphere with utmost flavors and excitement.

Book our French toast station today, and at Chevelle Caterers we will offer you the best service for your delightful party!