Top Notch Crispy Fry Station

Add Savory Flavors to your Upcoming Event
Fry Station

Chevelle Caterers mission is to create a straightforward and delicious menu that includes high-quality treats and top-notch crispy delights, to add savory flavors to your upcoming event. Whether it is a birthday party, tenant appreciation day, corporate event, or any other special event, our fry station will be the best addition to your food menu.

We carry a wide selection of fried foods like chicken strips, French fries, Twinkies, Mini-Donuts, Mono corn dogs, and every other classic fried delight, which will get your guest’s mouths to water. Imagine a spectacular food station studded with crispy treats and delicious toppings at your party! Every guest, adults, and kids alike will gather at the station and would want to taste every treat with excitement.

Give your guests a great snack to munch with their cocktails, and our event staff will help them customize their favorite fry food with our incredible range of savory toppings. We offer multiple ingredients like zesty sauces and homemade mayo, to add more tanginess to the fried food heaven.

Contact us today and book our fry food station with our executive chef and professional event staff, to add a touch of classic American food to your celebration.