Luscious Chocolate Fudge Puppy's

Dessert with Classic Sugary Treats
Fudge Puppy's Station

A Fudge Puppy is a gourmet style toasty waffles that are considered as a traditional American fair food. Our executive chefs know the art of creating the perfect Fudge Puppies that are crispy on the outside and have the right cake consistency on the inside.

Our talented event staff members will give your guests an opportunity to dip these delicious creations into luscious chocolate and other savory toppings like crunchy sprinkles, strawberries, caramel, and much more!

With the perfect sugar intensity and no grease, these fudge puppies will add oodles of charm and excitement to your upcoming event. We provide uniqueness, experience and top-end station setting that makes our Fudge Puppies Station a popular hit among events like corporate events, mitzvahs, appreciation day, trade shows, birthdays and wedding receptions.

If you want to throw a party where your guests can enjoy their dessert time with some classic sugary treats and great customization options, you can add our Fudge Puppies Station to the menu and give everyone the time of their lives.

Contact us today and we will get our Fudge Puppies ready to serve your next event, big or small!