Sweet Memories of Ice Cream Soda

Refreshing Drink with Perfect Choice
Ice Cream Soda Bar

Ice cream soda is a heavenly drink that contains the tanginess of the soda and the sweetness of the ice cream. It was a favorite childhood drink of many, and still grabs the attention of adults at many occasions like corporate events, birthdays, mitzvahs, trade shows, baby showers, and wedding reception. Even the kids are drawn to the vibrant colors, and delicious ice cream sodas served at our station.

It is a refreshing drink that is a perfect choice for events hosted in the summer season, to beat the heat with some coolness of ice cream of soda.

We make sure that our ice cream is made from the best quality ingredients, and our sodas are popping fresh, to create that perfect magical drink that will relax your senses in the scorching heat.

We have more than 20 euphoric ice cream and soda flavors, to give everyone their favorite ice cream soda flavor. Our event staff will serve these delicious drinks to your guests, and will also help them create a customized beverage.

Contact us today and book our visually stunning and delicious Ice Cream Soda Bar for you upcoming event.