Serving Lighting Services for All Types of Events

Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of any event design. It adds a specific tone to a space, which can range from soft and romantic to stark and overwhelming. The right type of lighting will make your guests feel welcome and comfortable, and is often a major factor in the success of an event. Let Chevelle work with you to give you a beautiful lighting scheme that fits with the feel and style of your event.

Chevelle Caterers provide a full range of services specializing in outdoor and indoor intelligent lighting. Whether your function is a Corporate Meeting, Special Event, Fashion Show, Christmas Party Grand Opening, or Trade Show we will deliver a unique and seamless lighting design.

Our extensive modern high-powered, high quality lighting instruments allow us to create the mood you want. Intelligent lighting shows can be anywhere from a concert hall to outdoors space.

We have the ability to use colorful graphics, animation, multiply beams and geometric patterns to add some flair to your event’s lighting scheme and get your audience’s attention. And in case you are worried about any technical difficulties, our staff of qualified professionals will be there to work with you. We are continuously pushing the boundaries of design and technology to produce incomparable ambiance and drama at your next big event.