Exclusive Milkshake Catering

Add Charm to your Occasions
Milkshake Station

There are two types of guests at a party: healthy eaters and food lovers. When you’re planning any event like network events, birthday celebrations or baby showers, creating a food menu that caters to both these groups are vital to the success of the party.

At Chevelle Caterers, we have introduced our exclusive milkshake catering that is enriched with premium milkshakes and fresh ingredients, to your party a delicious and healthy touch. The secret of our creamy and tasty milkshakes is the premium ingredients we use in blending our shakes to perfection.

Our milkshake station is a perfect way of celebrating your next company event or wedding reception. It will add charm and elegance to any occasion, and our professional event staff will ensure that your guests are served with their favorite customized milkshakes.

We have an incredible range of milkshake flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry with some other sensational toppings like fresh fruits and tangy syrups. Our executive chefs will blend the right ingredients for the perfect combination, and an exquisite milkshake experience for your event’s attendees.

Book our yummy milkshake station today and panache to your upcoming celebration.