Mini Funnel Cake an Absolute Delightful

Funnels with Right Texture & Flavors
Mini Funnel Cakes

Mini funnel cakes are a popular choice for events like carnivals, trade shows, sporting events, and beachside parties. These sweet delights are served plain with powdered sugar and fresh fruit toppings such as strawberry and mangoes.

With Chevelle Caterers and our mini funnel cake catering, you can give the guests of your next event a great snack that is crispy on the outside with a light, fluffy center on the inside. Our professional chefs are experts in creating the finest mini funnels with just the right texture and flavors. Whether you want to serve tens, hundreds or thousands, for us no event is too big or small.

Accompanied by our event staff, our mini funnel cake station can bake and bake, and serve and serve throughout the event!

We also offer some incredibly delicious toppings like fresh fruits and whipped cream, to make your favorite mini funnel cake an absolute Delightful! You can add this sensational food station to your events like appreciations, church functions, birthday parties, corporate events, lunch parties, family reunion, wedding reception, and much more!

Contact us to book our mini funnel cake station today, and add oodles of excitement and deliciousness to your upcoming event!