Sensational Dessert With Nitrogen Ice Cream

A Piece of Artwork with Smoky Effects
Sensation Dessert with Liquid Nitrogen

Manufacturing a fresh ice cream is an art that is mastered by Chevelle Caterers and our team of experts, who understands the joy it is capable of bringing to any occasion. Traditionally, ice creams undergo a process of slow freezing that cause the formation of crystals and iciness. To get that perfect smooth taste, we make ice creams with our fast freezing process to give that fresh sensation to your guests.

We offer a wide range of ice cream flavors with delicious toppings like fresh fruits, sprinkles, chocolate sauces, and other add-on that will give your upcoming event a perfect dessert addition. Moreover, when the smoky effects of liquid nitrogen is added to this sensational dessert, it becomes a piece of artwork that will be adored by your guests.

Nitrogen is present in liquid form in -320 degrees F and when it is poured on our ice cream, it will instantly freeze on contact and the evaporation is what gives out the smokiness. When the smoke clears, presence of nitrogen also clears, and all that is left is delicious and creamy ice cream.

Book our Sensation Dessert with Liquid Nitrogen station today for your special events like staff appreciation day, beach parties, network events, birthdays, baby showers, and much more!