Delicious Smoothie & Frappuccino

Add Something Special to your Event
Smoothie Bar

When you’re hosting any event, there are chances that you will host some guests who are health-conscious and probably won’t enjoy much at your party due to lack of healthy eating options. Even the others will always have excess calorie content in their minds, and to adding a smoothie and Frappuccino bar will add something special to the menu for everyone!

At Chevelle Caterers, we value the importance of healthy eating and hence have launched our exclusive and delicious smoothie and Frappuccino bar that add taste and savory touch to your upcoming event.

Tenant appreciation day, kid’s party, special events, bar mitzvah, baby showers, trade shows, and even weddings are a great occasion to add this spectacular bar to the menu. We serve smooth, fresh, and creamy frappes in varieties of flavors like dark chocolate and mocha. Our smoothies are a delightful mix of fresh juice and yummy organic ingredients blended to perfection.

From beets, spinach, pineapple, wheatgrass, and carrots to grapefruits, we serve everything fresh and tangy! Your guests will be enchanted to see bright veggies and fruits ready to be blended into a divine mix.

Book our smoothie & Frappucino bar today along with our executive chefs and professional event staff.